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Lotte Willis is a graduate from the prestigious Kingston University where she studied Fashion Design. She was seen showcasing at London Graduate Fashion week and has since worked as a designer as well as a head couturier fitter in London including working with high profile clients for red carpet events and weddings. 


From working in the occasion and bridal wear industries Lotte realised there was a gap in the market for bespoke accessory pieces. Everything being offered looked so similar and there needed to be another take on hair accessories.


Lotte prides herself in being a UK based accessory company with everything being handmade with love in the UK. As everything is handmade this allows customers who have specific requirements to request a bespoke make and Lotte will aim to take the client’s vision and put it into reality.


High quality craftsmanship and the finest materials are so important.

Quality, love and attention to detail are key.   

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